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Monday, October 18, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

There is a distinct possibility that the new website won't go up til Monday. Don't kill yourself!

I am giving you this really strange story about Tim to tide you over, just in case....

If you live in NYC like we do (during the week anyway), you'll know that it was raining for most the evening and into the night. I held off taking Zelda for a walk as long as I could and actually cleverly waited until Tim came home so he could walk her in the rain. I'm like a cat in the rain; hate it. But my plans were foiled by guilt when Tim accused me of never helping around the house so fine, I said, and we went for a walk together. I had the additional incentive of helping to pick out the movie rental from the video store. Tim has been known to rent some seriously awful movies (hello, Gigli) when he goes solo, so we trudged out in the rain together around 9pm.

As a modern gentleman, Tim let me use his umbrella, but as it was seriously raining, he was getting a bit wet and decided to use Zelda's shit bag as a rain hat. Ladies and gentleman, witness Tim's plastic bag rain hat.

Also available in this lovely du-rag style.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Did I say the new site would launch October 14? oops, I meant October 15.

Today I am taking the day off to spend with Tim on our 3 year anniversary so yeah, I pushed the launch back one day. And well, to be honest, we're just running a little bit behind.

Here is a photo of our bedroom the night after our wedding for you to enjoy in the interim. It's a little fuzzy but I think you can still tell that a) the bed is broken and b) our room looked like it got hit by a tornado.

*photos courtesy of a very special blog follower

Friday, October 8, 2010

Hard Labor Sucks (dot com)

This site will be inactive until next Thursday, October 14 when Hard Labor is Seriously Ruining My Manucure moves to

It's going to be great. Mark your calendar!

Xxoo CitygirlFarmhand

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

300 Lbs of Fun

Tim warned me that this thing was gonna be heavy but at this point, it takes a lot more than just the word "heavy" to worry me. But I should have heeded his warning. While this picture may fail to capture the true heft of this thing, it's made of solid, thick steel and is about 7 feet wide by 10 feet long. And yes, it does indeed weigh in at over 300 pounds. In case you're wondering what this thing actually is, it's one of eight skylights that will go into the roof of the building and let the sun shine in. Sing it!

So, this monstrosity was loaded into the back of Tim's van earlier that day by four, count `em, four of his male (and very strong) employees and they even struggled a bit. So when we arrived at the barn and Tim was like, "you take the back side", I almost had to laugh. I couldn't even move it one millimeter. And I was trying to the point of actually grunting like a professional tennis player. After a few more fruitless tugs, I was like resolution: this is just going to have to stay in your van forever. Tim doesn't listen to me when I say the word "can't" and pushed me through. He was somehow able to lift the back of it, angle it sideways and and get it to a position where we could slide it out. Once some of the weight was supported by the edge of the van, I was finally able to lift it slightly (with a lot of Wimbledon caliber grumbling) and ten minutes later, we had gotten it out unscathed. Poor Zelda got yelled at a lot because she was in the way but I think deep down she appreciated the protection because if that thing landed on her, bye bye leg.

So we did it and the lesson here is that Tim inspires me to do things that I would normally look at and immediately give up on, before even trying. Maybe he can get a second job as a life coach. I'll look into it.

P.s. To my loyal blog followers, I apologize for being slow to blog these last few weeks, but I am in the midst of putting together a new site for the blog with a proper web designer and spending all my time on that. It will launch soon, get excited!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Classic Mistake

How dumb am I? talking about bugs not annoying me on the farm much. Stupid stupid, I must have encountered 7 million jumping spiders today. I'm seriously so stupid